Products : Multi-Purpose Tools (124)

  • Gripper Multi Tool with Flashlight

    Gripper Multi Tool with Flashlight

    8 Function multi tool with LED flashligh

    From $14.59 To $17.06

  • Everest pocket knife

    Everest pocket knife

    9 function stainless steel tool with ano

    From $11.40 To $13.32

  • Nero pocket knife

    Nero pocket knife

    12 function stainless steel knife, all t

    From $16.63 To $19.44

  • Superior large toolset

    Superior large toolset

    Rosewood trim, 9 function multi-tool and

    From $30.21 To $35.32

  • Mini extreme tool

    Mini extreme tool

    High quality 13 function multi tool with

    From $12.88 To $15.05

  • Multi tool

    Multi tool

    15 function stainless steel tool with an

    From $36.18 To $42.29

  • Compass tool

    Compass tool

    11 function pocket knife with compass an

    From $10.53 To $12.29

  • Super multi tool

    Super multi tool

    Heavy duty stainless steel multi functio

    From $13.66 To $15.96

  • Highlander 7

    Highlander 7

    7 function all stainless steel pocket kn

    From $8.23 To $9.61

  • Luxor pocket knife

    Luxor pocket knife

    20 function pocket knife, supplied in si

    From $11.46 To $13.40

  • Executive pocket knife

    Executive pocket knife

    Multi-function stainless steel pocket kn

    From $19.86 To $23.22

  • Summit multi tool

    Summit multi tool

    Top quality 13 function polished stainle

    From $17.29 To $20.22

  • Industrial multi tool

    Industrial multi tool

    12 function stainless steel tool with un

    From $22.57 To $26.39

  • Vernier Caliper

    Vernier Caliper

    Affordable, fully functional plastic Vernier Caliper.

    From $0.99 To $1.06

  • Ice Scraper

    Ice Scraper

    Robust ice scraper for removing ice from car windscreens or the inside of freezers. It has a tough serrated edge on the reverse for removing built up ice and snow.

    From $1.81 To $2.03

  • Tyre Tread Key Ring

    Tyre Tread Key Ring

    Handy automotive safety tool for measuring tyre tread depth. It has a key ring attachment and is supplied with complete instructions for use.

    From $1.05 To $1.20

  • Emergency Torch Multi-Tool

    Emergency Torch Multi-Tool

    From $13.21 To $15.30

  • Trekk™ Deluxe Multi Tool

    Trekk™ Deluxe Multi Tool

    From $25.84 To $29.94

  • Hercules Multi Tool

    Hercules Multi Tool

    Tools & Torches / Tools

    From $11.40 To $14.93

  • Shifti Deluxe Multi Tool

    Shifti Deluxe Multi Tool

    Tools & Torches / Multi Tools

    From $18.28 To $23.48

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